If budget is no issue I always find the right composer for my films' music.
However, on some projects you're just on a tighter budget and all the free tracks out there are either not suitable for the video or they have been used in far too many videos out there. The Artlist library music is big, good and unique. In comparison to other music libraries, an Artlist subscription comes with unlimited downloads and a commercial license (including YouTube) for your own videos and for the videos you produce for your clients. The license is valid forever, even after your subscription has ended.
-  Unlimited downloads
-  Use music in any project including commercial
-  Lifetime use for the songs you download (even after subscription ends)
-  Pre-checked for YouTube monetization
-  New music every month
-  High quality WAV downloads
​-  1 year annual subscription plan + 2 free months through my link
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